Great, when skill becomes evident

To speak effectively about expertise is only reasonable if it becomes concrete or understandable for the customer.

Visibly better quality comes not from approximation, but rather by establishing it in the symbiosis of modelling, GIS data preparation as well as database production, and software development for automatic data generation.

Efficient project management makes possible the implementation and combination of technologically different sub-areas, by identifying the most suitable of our experienced specialists.

S&P Skills in Software Development

Our specialists in image generation provide the Render software in C++, working with both the Linux and Windows operating systems.
We use the Renderer software for customer projects and as a basis for the internal, data-base-supported software for quality control. The database performance analysis by our real-time specialists of the Renderer development group helps the database production group in further performance optimization.

Automated Landscape Generation

For landscape generation we use software tool chains that we have developed, also supplementing our own and other commercially available programs.

Among the most important of our software developments are:

Road Editor

Our internal software project Road Editor enables the automatic generation of a texturised road network, compiled from standardized elements of road construction such as straight lines, circular arcs, and clothoids . The crossings, bridges and underpasses thus developed do not require manual intervention. Road signs are automatically positioned by pre-defined rules.

River Generator

This software builds a river network in which all rivers flow downhill, following the river bank as in the natural process, and with river width increasing automatically according to the flow. The river is constrained, as in the natural model, by changing the boundary angle with the landscape.

Terrain Tool

We provide fully automatic processing of the landscape with our own Terraintool, thus ensuring the greatest independence and thus the greatest flexibility. At the customer's request we can substitute the in house Terraintool by the standard software TerraVista, with which we have successfully completed many database projects since 1999.

S&P Skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – Data Preparation.

S & P employs specialists to optimize and adapt both existing vector data, and new data from the entire GIS potential of complex software packages, for the purpose of database generation.

In addition we have suitable software packages, developed in house, to either create new or enhance existing elevation models.

Through the use of high resolution we are able to provide substantially more detail in landscape representation, for example even to the extent of a realistic representation of small dunes for desert landscapes.

S&P Skills in 3D Modeling

Our modeling specialists utilize Multigen Creator, 3D Studio Max and Photoshop. Above all they understand how to satisfy the requirements of optically protruding models with minimum resource consumption.