Visibly better
Great, when quality becomes visible

S&P is the leading software service enterprise in the area of 3D visualisations. We provide innovation to our customers and bring our creativity into the project.

S&P offers a comprehensive solution, including project management, for high-quality visual systems. In this way we support training systems within the areas ranging from flight-, tower-, and ship- simulation, to shooting and driving simulation, as well as the entire spectrum of military visual simulations.

These models and 3D databases are also made available separately, as visual system components.

S&P have worked with 3D visualisations for many years and posess, in addition to standardized software, our own software tools developed in-house.

Our own computer specialists work to maintain the quality of the 3D databases and make the visual systems visibly better, without excessive demands on the computer capacity or impairment of the real time performance.