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Fully-Automatic Generation / Semi-Automatic Quality Control:

The S&P Toolbox enables us to generate the database automatically from refined source data. It is thus possible to provide high-quality landscapes of arbitrary size, and release manpower for refinement of source data and for quality control.

Feature Quality

S&P’s own software development enables us to perfect the optical impression of the created features. Algorithms for a polygon-optimized (creating the optimal number of polygons) representation, together with outstanding textures, create as far as possible a good impression of reality, allowing multifunctional use of the databases ranging from the combat training simulator to the driving simulator.

Feature Density

All features of the landscape are built from polygons, thus allowing a realistic close-up view of the ground. The most important features are the street network, houses, power lines, agricultural crop land, vegetation, bodies of water and, very important for training of tactics, detailed terrain models.

Performance Optimisation

Well considered Level of Detail (LOD) management shifts the CPU power of the graphics engine to the foreground, where it is most needed. This allows us to display the maximum detail in combination with a high frame rate.

:Correlated Data

While generating the database we are able to introduce correlated data for Computer Generated Forces (CGF). Maps both in raster format and vector format show a scaled details overview of the generated databases.

3D Modeling

We create 3D models of vehicles, aircrafts, weapon systems and buildings.

Apart from the high optical claim of quality we focus technically on the optimized and minimized utilization of system resource, making it possible to display large numbers of models in the scenario without introducing frame rate problems.

All of our models are planned to the smallest detail. Our models are as different as the requirements of our customers. We respond to the rapid technical advances of graphic cards by always updating our models to the latest standards.

The quality of S&P models has a name:


Render Software / Simulation Control:

Dynamic Objects:

We are using defined interfaces for embedding the visual system into the simulation environment. Our controller takes control over asynchrony procedures for a smooth display of motion.


We make full use of the capacity of modern CPUs by multithreaded processing of the scene graph.


We provide realistic weather and weapon effects.


For multi-channel systems we synchronize the channels by first establishing a master, which then controls the buffer swap of the remaining channels.


While displaying from large terrain databases we load into main memory only the part local to the position of the user. If the user changes position then new parts are paged in and the old parts are removed from memory again.

Visual System Integration - Hardware:

As a custom service we offer the system integration of our render software and terrain databases with selected hardware, providing a turnkey visual system for our customers.

Projectors / Projection Screens:

Depending on the available budget we select the most suitable projectors for our customers. We plan the ray-path taking into account the room size and thus define the position of the projectors and projection screens.

IG (image generator)

We constantly test the latest top-end graphics cards, as well as the most modern CPUs and motherboards. This enables us to optimize the overall performance of the visual system by careful co-ordination of the necessary components.