Great, when achievement becomes noticeable

Our customers' success depends, amongst other things, on the correct functioning of mutual co-operation with particular regard to adherence to defined specifications, delivery times, and the visible quality. We treat these responsibilities with the greatest respect, as we all have the same goals.

We can both be successful only if we provide our customer with a noticeable competitive advantage.

To achieve this we bring everything into play, contributing our foundation in automation tools, our software libraries, our tool chains, and our programs for quality control. In addition to all this is the reliability of our specialists, who study constantly to improve themselves.

Only in this way is it possible to punctually, and nevertheless economically, satisfy orders requiring gigantic terrain databases upwards of several thousand square kilometres whilst maintaining S&P quality. Our performance is a reflection of the smart combination of structured organization, data and software archives, and many years of experience.

Project Management

From the beginning of our relationship it is important for us to deal competently with the individual concepts of our partners.

Accordingly our motto is applied to develop a bespoke and appealing concept, in association with our customer.

At this juncture the S&P team makes certain that all of the ambitious quality standards have been met during the course of the customer project.

From past experience we control the interaction of the various operational sequences and are therefore in a position not only to realise projects effectively and economically, but furthermore we have the necessary flexibility to respond quickly, and without unnecessary complication, to customer change requests, which are certain to occur during the realisatio
n of a project.